Self Sustained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
The revolutionary Patent Pending SSUBA equipment is so light and compact that all equipment for your dive, including the mini air cylinder, easily fits inside it's 18" x 13" x 6" locking metal foam lined carrying case.
comes in this locking metal carrying case
What is SSUBA? SSUBA is one of the most revolutionary ideas in recent diving history, a self-sustaining breathing system that allows virtually unlimited diving fun without all the bulky, heavy SCUBA equipment. This patent pending device uses the enormous energy contained in the compressed air that you exhale at depth to power the air driven Direct Replacement Pump.

There are no gas powered compressors, no bulky batteries, no motors or engines. This makes SSUBA one of the smallest and lightest floating air compression units available. The floating buoy is just 12 inches square and 6 inches high, all the equipment for your extended dive day easily fits into the 18"x13"x6" locking aluminum carrying case. The small but stylish 12"x12" buoy is made of top quality high impact fiberglass with a foam filled core. Near the top of the buoy is mounted the revolutionary new Direct Replacement Pump mechanism. Mounted horizontally to the back of the divers weight belt is one of the world's smallest SCUBA class compressed air tanks, at only 9 inches long and 4 inches across, this minature tank holds only a tiny fraction of the air in a heavy, full size SCUBA tank, enough for hours of diving fun.

The small size, light weight, ultra portable equipment make SSUBA the easy choice for all your recreational diving activities, from playing in the pool to diving the ocean reefs.

How is all this possible? Instead of a SCUBA system where you lug around huge heavy tanks and lots of equipment, most of the equipment needed for a SSUBA dive is in the floating fiberglass buoy about the size of a small pool toy. As you exhale effortlessly, the compressed air from your lungs moves up to the surface buoy through the exhalation tube, and the huge pressure differential between that air and the surface air is used to drive the Direct Replacement Pump. An equivalent amount of fresh air is pumped back down to a small air bladder integrated into the harness just behind the divers shoulder blades and is available for your next breath. The reason you can dive for hours on a tiny little cylinder of air is that the compressed air tank is only used for on-demand situations where you need more air than you have available in the air bladder. The on-demand system is only required to make up for air volume lost due to dive compression, air lost from the system, and any system inefficiencies, the rest is delivered by re-using the energy in the compressed air being exhaled, energy that is wasted in most other dive systems. The only other type of system that comes close is a rebreather, and they are expensive, high maintenance devices that require regular replacement of chemical filters. SSUBA equipment is simple, reliable, easy to maintain, and only requires a tiny canister of compressed air.

What are some of the advantages of a SSUBA system?

  • Small and ultra portable
  • No gas or batteries to mess with or run out
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Long lasting on just one 9 inch tank
  • Quick recharge or replacement of mini on-demand air tank (recharge off a standard SCUBA tank or quickly replace the 9 inch tank)
  • Bubble free diving to get closer to skittish sea life
  • Low center of gravity makes the unit very stable in the water
  • Constant bouyancy because the same volume of air is either in your lungs or in the air bladder, no rising and falling as you inhale or exhale
  • Easy to read pressure gauge keeps track of on-demand tank pressure

Who should be interested in a SSUBA system?

  • SCUBA divers tired of heavy equipment and constant refills
  • Travelers
  • Resorts and tour agencies who want lightweight, tourist friendly equipment instead of bulky motor driven units
  • Boat owners who need to get under their boats for cleaning and maintenance
  • Pool owners who want a unique, quiet system for underwater play
  • Boat divers who don't want to store bulky equipment onboard